BWIT partners with Bangladesh Open Source Forum Network & Dhaka University IT Society Annual FEST 2013; 8 June 2013

BWIT partners with Bangladesh Open Source Forum Seminar on Role of ICT to prevent against violence against women at Dhaka University IT Society – IT Fest 2013 on 8 June 2013.

BWIT participated in the Seminar Role of ICT to prevent against Violence Against Women. The Keynote Presentation focused on the root cause of violence against women which lies in the unequal power relations between men and women in almost all facets of life. The field of ICTs faces the same gender disparity. Violence against women, which takes place in the home or on the street, is now taking new forms and occurring in online spaces. Women are becoming targets of cyber-stalking or digital voyeurism. Images of women are being posted on the internet without their knowledge or consent. And in the hands of tech-savvy domestic violence abusers, spyware and GPS are used to track and control women’s mobility. The Session explored some of the ways that information and communications technology can be used to end violence against women, and at the same time, how these can be used to empower women. Both female and male students of Dhaka University and other participating Universities interacted.

As part of Dhaka University IT Society Annual Activities, other events that were held: Debates, Roundtables, Apps in Life: Mobile Application Development ; Brainstorming: IT based Business idea Contest; Gaming Contest; Teams also Showcased Projects featuring projects related to various fields of Information Technology, Hardware or Software, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Project with proper documentation, and focusing on the Idea, Business logic, Cost & benefits, Scope of Real life implementation were projected.



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