BWIT participated and collaborated with CSE Department of Daffodil International University (DIU), Bangladesh workshop on "Empowerment of Women in IT" 30 January 2013

Luna Shamsuddoha, Chair Dohatec and President BWIT, Rezwan Khan, COO Star Computer Systems Limited, Secretary General BWIT, Naznin Nahar, CEO TechWorld and Director BWIT spoke on the occasion. . Prof. Dr. M. Lutfar Rahman, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor addressed the workshop on Prof. Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Head, Department of CSE gave a presentation on success stories Women in IT globally.

The Workshop addresses the trend in the CSE education in Bangladesh and a growing number of young talented girls are joining this program and looking forward to take a challenging career in IT. BWIT Members engaged with the students and interacted and responded to different questions and spoke on best practices in achieving Gender Diversity. The barriers to female career advancement were also deliberated upon. BWIT came up with several recommendations; start by enabling young women and girls to adopt technology at an earlier age, which makes them more likely to use such tools to empower themselves in all aspects of life and to share their newly acquired knowledge with their families and communities. The girls will then have the potential to shape the landscape of ICTs in the future. Advocated to ensure overall literacy and educational access, improving quality and relevance of ICT education, providing scholarships that are geared toward girls, public media campaigns, and putting in place appropriate policies and investments, and data collection are steps that government and educational institutions can take. Providing mentoring, job placement tools and development of applications that target girls in the private sector can take. There are laudable ongoing efforts, we clearly need to increase sensitization and generate greater momentum on this issue in realizing national commitments and closing gaps. Also to provide digital literacy training to rural women, ICT skill development for young women entering the workforce, and built awareness of national machineries on ICTs so they can lobby for policies to be put in place now that will benefit both women and girls.



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