BWIT Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Seminar on Entrepreneurship was held on March 24, 2019 at 71 Milonayoton of Daffodil International University. The aim of the seminar was to encourage future entrepreneurs to potentially their own entrepreneurial path. Shawkat Hossain, CEO of BD Venture Limited; Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Group CEO of Daffodil Family; Nilim Ahsan, Co-founder of Userhub; Taslima Miji, Founder of Gootipa and Leatherina; Rizwan D Shams, DMD and Head of Business Finance, IPDC, Nazneen Kamal Supty, Vice President of BWIT & Managing Director of ECM Group and Luna Shamsuddoha, Founder President of BWIT were the panelists of the session. Professor Dr. Lafifa Jamal, President of BWIT, moderated the session. The panelists discussed about the issues and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs, the emerging opportunities for development of new enterprises, how to formulate a business idea and how to seek venture funding. 80 students from different universities joined the session.



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