BWIT partner ICT Division Organization in Digital World held in Dhaka from 19-21 October at Basundhara Convention

Digital World will be held in Dhaka from 19-21 October at Basundhara Convention Centre. BWIT is a Partner Organization in Digital World 2016 Mega Event. BWIT has taken a space at Digital World and intends to provide this platform for women in technology to showcase their products and services. During Digital World 3 Day event BWIT would like to provide a forum to discuss issues and insights with our Champions. BWIT welcomed the Rising Talents. This was first time the spotlight was on Women ICT Entrepreneurs, a ground breaking BWIT Forum Initiatives featured tech champions by engaging with women role models and leaders. This was an opportune moment for Bangladesh Women in Technology. Our work was being encouraged and appreciated the women who came forward to participate. BWIT focused on rising and trending technologies of the time on Cloud and Big Data, Mobile, Internet of Things, Security and Privacy and e-Commerce. BWIT encourages Start-ups and an opportunity for them to showcase and pitch their innovation.



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