Consultation Meeting on “Engaging Women Entrepreneurs in Public Procurement & Corporate Supply Chain” held BWIT and BUILD

A consultation meeting on “Engaging Women Entrepreneurs in Public Procurement & Corporate Supply Chain” was organized by BUILD in collaboration with IFC-WBG and Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT) at BUILD. The meeting explored the prospects and scope of the women entrepreneurs (WE) to have their access to public procurement and identify areas which are suitable for them. Mahbubul Alam, Chairman, BUILD urged that women should come forward in a coordinated way under a single platform in order to strengthen access of women to public procurement opportunities. Luna Shamsuddoha, President BWIT spoke about why women should participate in government procurement and how to prepare companies for this. Voices of women are important for promising reforms and interventions and charting an urgent agenda for governments, civil society, development agencies and other stakeholders said he. Ferdaus Ara Begum, CEO, BUILD informed that in FY2018-19, the size of the ADP to be procured locally by the government. There is a huge scope that women entrepreneurs can participate in the local procurement. The keynote paper presented by Mehruna Islam Chowdhury, Gender Consultant, BUILD highlighted on the problems and challenges that women enterprises face.



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